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Make A Difference In China is the only social enterprise in Zhejiang, China, that provides the most affordable, immersive, in-depth volunteer travel experiences for international visitors. We have diverse travel, volunteer and internship options for visitors to learn and understand China, especially the history and culture of Hangzhou. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province and one of the seven ancient capitals of China and is described by Italian traveler Marco Polo as the finest city in the world. Hangzhou is also the city that held the 2016 G20 summit. This is absolutely a fun place to go. 


Despite China is an emerging economic superpower and the number of China's middle class is growing rapidly, this country has been trapped in large economic inequality, which needs to be addressed.  Staying here, you will be able to talk with, live with, and understand down-to-earth Chinese people, make a positive impact on the local communities through your skills and expertise, and be involved in addressing China's social issues.


In contrast to most international travel agencies that charge a large amount of fees and touching on places without going into the local communities deeply, we make volunteer and travel affordable, safe, and responsible. No matter you are an experienced backpacker, high schoolers, gap year students, or young adults, you can make a contribution to the global community by volunteering abroad. You would definitely change the way you view yourself and the place. You will get a volunteer certificate issued by our organization as a proof of your contribution. We believe that your experience in China will enrich your life experience and empower your future career development. 


Business License Issued by the Hangzhou Government
Business License Issued by the Hangzhou Government
Founder of Make A Difference In China
创始人 Founder
罗悦嘉 Yuejia Luo

Yuejia Luo graduated from Wenzhou-Kean University, a China-US cooperative university. After that, he worked for a business strategy consulting company in China, and found that Chinese enterprises and people are too localized and need international vision. He hopes to create a platform to fundamentally break the cultural barriers between countries. Over the past few years, he traveled to Britain, Indonesia, Nepal, and Russia, and has become more connected to the land that he grew up on. He is committed to let the world know that China has much more to explore than just Shanghai and Beijing, and that the best way to travel in a place is interacting with local people. He wants to bring his foreign friends to Hangzhou, the land that he is familiar with and spiritually connected to. 

Founder of Make A Difference In China
创始人 Founder
夏雪 Xue Xia (Snow)



Xue Xia (Snow) grew up in Zhejiang, China and got her Master's degree in Journalism at Boston University in the United States. Currently, Xue Xia is a journalist who upholds to the life-long value of telling the truth and bringing positive impact wherever she goes.

In 2018, she worked for WCVB, Boston's local TV station and produced her own show, transmitting the voices of minority. In 2015, she represented China's youth to attend APEC meetings in Philippines and interviewed political and business leaders from Asia-Pacific regions. Also, in 2014, she taught Chinese language to impoverished kids in Nepal and raised money for the earthquakes there; she helped with environmental protection and education programs in a remote island in Indonesia. 

Xue Xia realized that grassroots efforts could be more effective to bring impact to the world than communications at the governmental level. While Xue Xia travels around the world a lot, China always holds a place in her heart. She always remember how valuable and worthwhile it is to do volunteer works in places out of her comfort zone. She dreams to bringing international visitors to China to help and interact with local communities and learn from each other. That's why she started Make A Difference in China.

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